Time For The Grizzlies To Rebuild

Last season was a disaster for the Grizzlies. In fact, they had their worst record since the 2007-2008 season when they also went 22-60. It’s impossible to pin their failures on one thing specifically since there are so many things that contributed to it. Mike Conley and Marc Gasol, the two guys who have led this team to some of their most successful seasons, are now in the twilight of their careers. Losing Zach Randolph to free agency didn’t help either, but he’s not responsible for 21 wins by himself. Perhaps the biggest loss was David Fizdale being fired after just 19 games (they were 7-12 in that span) even though he led them to the playoffs the previous season. His replacement J.B. Bickerstaff didn’t fare any better going 15-48 over the remainder of the season.

It wouldn’t be hard to turn this team around, as they already have Jaren Jackson Jr. as a nice piece to the future of the organization. There are plenty of teams with young talent or draft picks that they would be willing to give up in order to gain an advantage, and get one step closer to that coveted Larry O’Brien Trophy. Mike Conley and Marc Gasol could still help another team out quite a bit, and the Grizzlies could get some solid pieces in return if they would just be willing to start the rebuild.

It seems like the Grizzlies still have some hope of making the playoffs again with Conley and Gasol, but the clock is ticking. If they don’t make the choice to rebuild soon, they won’t have a choice and it will take much longer than if they trade for assets now.

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