Time to Pull the Plug on Jimmy Butler

The Jimmy Butler situation has given NBA fans some much needed entertainment while waiting for the regular season to begin. Earlier in the offseason Jimmy Butler demanded to be traded from the Timberwolves, making fans think that his stint with the team would last just one season. Coach Thibodeau originally said that he would not be trading Butler, as the two go back to the beginning of Jimmy’s career in Chicago. As time passed though, the Wolves started exploring the possibilities of trading Butler, and it’s more likely now than ever following the events that occurred at Butler’s first practice back.

Butler’s first practice back with the team was a shipwreck, and that’s being generous. Butler is a fierce competitor, and he brought that fire with him to practice. Butler challenged his teammates, but they aren’t his biggest fans right now; so it didn’t sit very well with them. Things got so out of hand that the Timberwolves cancelled practice today.

Cancelling practice because your star players can’t get along is not a good sign. Butler has made it obvious he no longer wants to be with the organization, so the front office would be wise to get as much in return while they can. It may just be a small fire now, but if the T-Wolves don’t put it out soon, the whole organization could come tumbling down.

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